Prickly Perch

Prickly Perch - American Kestrel
7 inches wide x 18 inches high

“The American Kestrel, our smallest falcon in North America, has to be one of the most overlooked birds in America. These birds are highly adaptable to living in farmlands, the desert, scrublands and in the city; you can easily see them on wires. A hint: look for the bird that is by itself and possibly dipping its tail up and down. I've seen as many as 60 just driving around some of the agricultural areas west of Phoenix.

“In other parts of the country, kestrel numbers are in decline and several national and local ornithology and birding groups are studying the kestrels to determine why this is happening. It will be interesting to hear the conclusions and I pray that people are willing to do what needs to be done to protect these beautiful and graceful raptors.”

Best Acrylic
Women Artists of the West
45th National Exhibition
Tucson Desert Art Museum, Arizona, 2015

Private Collection