Sea Hawk

Sea Hawk - Osprey
20 inches high x 16 inches wide

“Osprey are a common raptor species around marshes, rivers, lakes. and seashores They almost exclusively feed on different freshwater fish species but will also eat saltwater fish. Out in the western part of North America, Osprey can readily be seen nesting near lakes and rivers, often on human-provided nesting platforms. This brings them in contact with discarded fishing line that can be a tangling hazard to the birds and their offspring. However, a more recent concern has been discovered: baling twine. This bright orange plastic twine is very attractive to Osprey and they use it to line their nests. The twine is found in agricultural fields near the nest sites. The danger with twine is in the tangling. Many Osprey have been discovered hanging off the side of nests and nearby trees with twine wrapped around their feet.

“There are several groups that are addressing the issues of discarded twine and fishing line. The hope for the future is none of these harmful products will be left out in the field where Osprey can find them and create a dangerous and possibly fatal situation at their nests. Like many things, continuing education is the answer.”