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Not Quite Ripe

Not Quite Ripe - White-winged Dove
18 inches wide x 18 inches high


“In the Sonoran Desert, Saguaro are a combination condo and grocery store. Woodpecker holes become a residence for several bird species including kestrels, screech-owls and non-native starlings, sparrows and lovebirds. The large and beautiful flowers attract all sorts of pollinators from bees and moths to birds to bats.

“When the saguaro fruit ripens the saguaro tops become a smorgasbord for the fruit and seed eaters, while others pick at the scraps that fall to the ground.

“ ‘Not Quite Ripe’ depicts a White-winged Dove that can't wait for the proper time. The flower stalks have closed and the fruit is still forming, but it will be a few more days before the diner is open.”